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How to get pictures Off of trac-phone... into computer? Answered

I bought a Trac-Phone.  I snapped some pictures.  I cant figure how to download off of the camera into the computer.  I know how to do it using a camera with SD card... or connecting cord to a CAMERA.... but this Trac-Phone (slider kind made by Samsung).... only comes with a CHARGER cord.  Not a picture-download cord.  Do I need a special download cord?  HELP! (and thanks).


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8 years ago

Does the phone have Bluetooth? Usually you can download a "Picture suite" from the company to get photos from the phone from Bluetooth or USB. Did the phone come with a manual? If it did, check that out. Then, if that doesn't work, do some internet research on the phone (type in the exact model #) and see what kind of USB transfer cable it uses.

From the looks of it, you probably have the Samsung T301G. It says that does have Bluetooth. Here is the manual for it. If you click on "Featured Accessories" (under the pic of the phone) on the third page, there is a charger that also contains a USB transfer cable for it. Buy that, and it will probably come with some more info on how to get the pictures.

Hope I could help!

There are a few ways you can go about doing this, first you could find the cord you can connect to your computer at a store and buy it (most likely it is just a mini usb) second you could use the bluetooth in your phone to pair to a computer that also has bluetooth, third you can check if your phone has a microsd card which is just like using a camera with an sd card, and fourth you can do like binary said and send an mms to facebook or email.

If you have MMS you should be able to send the picture to an email address. Then just login to your email account and save the picture.