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How to get rid of a bad and dangerous neighbor in Houston Tx? Answered

This person drinks and drive very fast even if there are persons in the street. The police has been in our street about 10 times for matters related to her, she has hit at least 3 cars. Is rude with everybody and lots of people come to our (before silent) neigborhood and make sound partys with her, etc. about 15 neigbors want her out, but the owner of the house she lives in says we have to wait four months until her lease finishes. Is there something we or the owner of the house can do to make her move out sooner? We want our kids have a safe summer.


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Might do you well to read up on both sides of the issue. 

add some salt and take the comment in the spirit it was intended.

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Complain to the authorities. Don't use 911 :D

Well unfortunately for you the other party has a right to obtain a place to live and live there... But, you can continue to observe and call the police when this person causes trouble again, and state clearly that you wish to press charges if the situation warrants it. Loud parties can become disturbing the peace charges, but wont likely result in an arrest. Still, after enough fines and warnings the neighbor may just decide to move away on her own. The landlord also likely has the right to evict this person for various reasons, including damages to the property. Ask your neighbors to share their opinions with this landlord. The landlord may then be convinced to look harder for a reason to evict. Until then, keep your kids safe by watching them carefully and keeping them out of harms way.

Make a petition and have everyone sign it then sent to council/police/landlord etc.