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How to get something out of your eye Answered

I'd like an Instructable on how to get some small object (like a peice of sand) out of your eye (especially if you can't find it, but you know its there). Someone please make this soon. Perhaps within the next 20 minutes :-)


Years ago my boss told me to close the eye thats ok, close one nostril, ( the one on the same side as the eye that's closed) , then inhale sharply thru your nose. The eye that has dust in it should be open. This blows the dust out of the eye. I was skeptical at first, but it does work.

I think it takes that long to upload the pictures, so... Try to at least flush the eye with water. It will sting a bit because it is not the correct salinity but tap or bottled water will do. When you start to tear up, try to blink or pull your eyelid over the other to maybe dislodge it and float it out. 1. Above all, DON'T PANIC. Get medical attention if necessary. 2. Get a second opinion. 3. If the above doesn't work out, get a laywer. Good luck!


Well, when your vision gets better, please turn off the CAPS LOCK. Thanks.

Free advice never gets old or goes out of fashion.

old time. get a hair, loop same, have someone drag it across the eye, it will catch on a piece of sand. horse hair is best, but your own hair will work. sorry not in 20 minutes.

So...was this an emergency or the "boy who cried I have something in my eye" story?

There were some tears involved. I think I flushed it out... whatever it was...

Okay, randofo, here it is.

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Thanks! That's awesome. I'm not sure that I personally can give you the power to feature. And I already gave you one patch! I don't know. I'll have to think about this. I'll get back to you.

That's okay. I was actually just teasing, but keep in mind that there is a precedent for giving a person of my senority the power, I take an active interest in the community (like greeting a ton of people and the signature project-I still need yours!). I also know that with great power also comes great responsibility. I also realized that I might have come across as power grabbing. I'm not doing that. I actually just want to help out with the site a bit.

Plus, what's the worst thing that could happen? I feature an instructable/forum topic that doesn't really deserve it, or something, and you take it away from me.

...keep in mind that there is a precedent for giving a person of my senority the power...

Ahem...*hands on hips*

What? There is a precedent-another guy who has been around the same length of time as me. I couldn't think of a better word than senority.

I wasn't thinking so much of time since one joined as "presence" ;-) But I am ok with not having it. I am not the kind of person to ask, and so if someone feels I am worthy, they will ask me, until then, I will just continue to do the best I can (its my bad breath, I know its my breath LOL)

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Yeah, and maybe that extra would be a distraction....I don't know....after my heart angioplasty, I will try to get some more time to do a few more instructables....I have ideas piling up in my home page and haven't started any but one....*sigh*

Well, look after your health first...are you okay now?

Yeah, since they haven't "rushed" me into the hospital, I am assuming at this point that it is not one of those "something could happen tomorrow" type of things, but they did want to get in asap, so it is scheduled for this Friday (I will probably be pretty much absent most if not all day Friday :-)

Thanks, they say they do about 10-15 per day, so it isn't uncommon or anything.

Actually, the only uncommon thing about mine is they will be exploring both the vein AND the artery. Kind of like the mechanic who says: "well, while we have the engine out, do you want us to overhaul it ?" :-)

Lol! You have funny way of phrasing things-funny in a good way. :)

I have always been big on analogies :-) ( I took to it like ducks to the water LOL)

Oh, wait, I take that back...I actually joined before you. LOL.


You have almost ten timesas many comments as I do, though.

I have a lot of spare "moments" ;-) Yet not quite enough time "all at once" to actually get to projects :-)

Yeah, he kicks me in the side...PuM Man? Must be a full moon or something...lot of randomness going on.

one of my buddies had a bug fly into her eye, i think it was a gnat. take a kleenx or napkin and fold it in half several times, use a corner and gently lift it out the eye. if you have something like a metal shaving in your eye and you know its bad, then cover the eye with a rag soaked in water and tape it down to hold it in place. then tape the other eye down as well. the eyes work sympathetically and when one eye dilates the other one will too, and when one moves the other moves. so cover both eyes and it keeps the injured eye stabilized. then go to the emergency room. obviously you wouldn't cover both eyes if you had to drive your self to the emergency room

Whew - when I first read this, I thought you said "take a kleenx or napkin and fold it in half several times, use a corner andgently lift out the eye."... :-D

you need something stronger than a napkin to gently lift out an eye. you know those spear points on the end of flag poles, i know a guy who gently removed his eye with one of them. he was holding the little flag pole and caught his eyelid on the tip of the spear, and it tore his eyelid in half. his eyeball was dangling out of its socket. the docs were able to pop it back in place and stitch it up.

funny story: at health we learned that if we had a foreign object in your eye that you shouldn't use your finger to remove it. At lunch one of my asian friends is like "ow, i have a foreign object in my eye!" Then I said "You're a foreign object!" It was a you had to have been there moment.

I will make it, complete with references from medical sources, but what will you give me if I make this, randofo? :D


10 years ago

Pull your eyelid (top one) over the bottom, release. :)


10 years ago

The only time I had a seriously persistent thing ni my eye (about 8 hours, I think it was barbecue ash- ouch) I soaked a cotton bud (aka Q-tip) in warm water, pulled my eyelid away from the eyeball suing the lashes and swabbed the inside of my eyelids with the cotton bud. It worked like a charm, but isn't for the squeamish, and as always YMMV. What I find sometimes works is if the thing is moving around your eyeball, you can kinda stroke it towards the corners of your eye (which are designed for getting stuff out)by moving your eyelids with your fingers. I got a whole disintegrating gnat out of my eyeball with this technique- not going cycling by that canal without my sunnies again...

I agree, sand, metal, wood, or anything of any size that hurts badly and is not coming out by rinsing (an eye cup is great for this....) needs a doc to work on it. The pulling the upper eyelid over the lower is a way to get the lash to help scrape it out from under the lid. I have found some eyedrops are great for helping clear out the eye (if it can be squirted upwards, but the bad part is that, for most of them, you have to tilt your head back, and you COULD wash it back under the lid further.

It's been more than 20 minutes, what do you think, Doc? I am hoping for a reply like "O JKjlk I4 Okkay rpr N9www".