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How to get spraypaint smell out of a mask?? Answered

I am making a plague doctor mask for a halloween costume.  In a perfect world, I would have used leather or something similar, but that was not an option. SO, I made one out of fabric and heat 'n' bond.   After that, I painted it with spray paint, and now i can't wear it due to the smell! does anyone know how to fix this???? My nose goes in the beak, so it is unbearable.



if you have to wear it now fill the nose with posies like the did with the plague :)

Time just got to wait. fan or blow dry it a few time to speed things up but time is your answer.

bicarbonate of soda in a saucer is sposed to remove bad smells from inside a fridge, so try putting a tablespoon full in the nose and maybe it will absorb most of the pong.

I had the same problem with the varnish smell from a pallet headboard, had to leave it in the garage for 3 days, didnt think of trying soda bicarb back then so I dont know if it will work.


3 years ago

A blow dryer on a warm setting will speed the paint curing but even that could take hours, perhaps even a day or more for the paint to cure depending on how heavy the coat of paint is.


3 years ago

If its warm enough where you live you might want to leave it outside, maybe on a clothes line. The sun and the moving air will cure it faster. But it is still going to take a while.

The smell will persist until the paint is fully cured. You'll just have to keep it in a well ventilated area and wait. If you did heavy coats giving it little time to sit between coats this will take longer to cure.