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How to get your Instructable on the front page Answered

I've seen the same Instructables on the front page way too many times. So in this topic we discuss what properties an Instructable should have in order to get on the front page. It probably should have: - Good spelling/Grammar - Accurate instructions - Plenty of photos - Good photo quality - A subject people will want to look at (I.E. dont expect "How to skin a pig" to be on the front page) - You must provide the graphic (Instructables will not make it for you; Make sure it has the right dimensions, choose a good photo, the right font, etc.) Can we get a site authority in here? :P


Except, now that the Instructables homepage has a new design, this isn't happening, is it?

That's what I was thinking. :/

Rather sad, isn't it?

To be on the front page, you must make, as Eric always says, ==A REALLY AWESOME INSTRUCTABLE.==
And he's right.
Why wouldn't he feature an amazingly amazing awesome Instructable?

I once PMed him about becoming an intern, and he replied with "Make really amazing instructables!" And it's true-what would he have against awesome instructables!


10 years ago

Oh, I could totally see Christy do an "How to skin a pig" instructable. Perhaps with an image of a tasteful blood-dripping butchers knife on the front page. :-D

To get on the front page it has to be featured by the staff (or be in the "most popular & zeitgeist)...

How to get on that big banner is what I have been wondering about.

Actually, that's what I was referring to.

A while back, there was a request by Eric and gang for members to pick cool ible photos from the site, and edit them to be featured on the front page. A couple of my edits was used (I remember seeing one of it still appearing on the front page about a month ago). I'm not sure how they do it with he newer ibles, but I assume the staff member have taken over the responsibility now.

Awhile back there was a "Make your own internal instructables ad" to make a similar square banner.... Before the current setup, the image was randomly selected from instructables with freaking awesome pictures - you know, the ones you open and just say "Damn....is nice" No clue how it works now or if things have changed (change is a common theme on this site - too bad archive.org doesn't have a backup of the old versions of the site) :p

instructables with freaking awesome pictures - you know, the ones you open and just say "Damn....is nice"

Like these? :P

add syrup.JPGcherry.JPGRr St intro.JPGrr st 2.JPG

Yeah it seems as though the times Instructables are added to that are very few and far between.