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How to get your instructable featured? Answered

how to get an instructable featured and popular ?


To make your instructable popular, create something which has not been created by anyone in the instructables . So thats something new and most of the people see your instructable. If it is something very cool, your instructable will gain favourites and become feautured.

Read the link Kiteman posted but realize getting featured, and even more, having an Instructable become popular is less a science and more an art. Guides with a heart and a little humor tend to do better than clinical, technical break downs. The writing is more important than you think. Of course spelling, grammar, etc are important (very important actually) but the general tone and voice matter almost as much. Of course none of that matters if people don't click on your project so a concise, informative title and an intro picture that pops and intrigues are essential.
If being featured is an art then having an Instructable become popular is wizardry. Obviously a well done Instructable is a must but it takes a bit more luck. Things like the timing of when you get featured and how many others get featured after you (which will determine how long you stay on the front page) will go a long way to determining your view count.
You won't always hit a six but if you take the time to try and improve you will and one day it will happen.

Some notes after looking through what you've posted so far:
  • Cut down on the text walls. Try to find what is really important and then distill that down so that someone with no previous knowledge won't get lost. If you really want to include an in depth history and technical discussion consider moving it to it's own page at the end or make it clear that people who want more info can contact you to get it.
  • In a step-by-step, if you don't have some sort of picture/graphic/diagram for a page then it probably doesn't need to be it's own step.
  • Speaking of photos, make sure that they are in focus and well lit. Blurry photos take a lot away from an Instructable since the current format heavily spotlights photos.
  • When you present a material list make sure you put what type of component and a unit of measure, not just their values as there can be multiple components with the same value but different units (47 ohms, 47 mircofarads) and using to much shorthand can alienate beginners.
  • Post code files so people can easily download them. You can add files to steps by uploading them as if they were photos.
  • Make sure you're not just copying someone else's work. I'm not saying you can't post a similar project as someone else but just make sure it's not exactly the same. Particularly using the same pictures and/or circuit diagrams.
While improving these notes won't guarantee getting featured they will generally improve their quality.

For featuring, see this link:


To make it popular, that's up to you - create something cool that lots of people will want to read and share.

Write an interesting Instructable. Put good, clear photos in of every stage. Make sure the write up is clear and grammatically correct - no text speak.
Make sure you explain your materials, and tools, and sources...

....and they will come....