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How to glue silicone to leather ? ? Answered

Hi I need to glue silicone to leather, i've tried to glue it with various glue but it always comes off...

is there any known way to glue very good , silicone to leather ?





I was asking myself this exact question earlier today. I had a leather phone case which I wanted to glue a silicone piece into instead of the hard plastic one that was with it. Based on the silicone answer and further research I have used Reddy 3 D kit ( for crafts) which is a silicone adhesive after lightly sanding.my husband did a test patch plus tried to glue his fingers together and said it wouldn't work. I used it warily as it came with no instructions and I haven't found any on the net. I applied to both surfaces and spread with applicator tool and let it sit until tacky, then I stuck together. It slid all over the place for a while so I wasn't hopeful. It's over 1.5 hr later and I can pick up via the silicone alone so I will leave 24 hours and see how it is as I don't know how quick it is to cure. Otherwise we were going to purchase Sil-poxy which is hard to get here. It is also silicone and glues silicone to anything including skin.... As the one I used is for craft purposes, I'm not sure how it would go for anything needing strength. Thanks for the site and these suggestions for the idea.

Thanks rick! will try silicone... any idea if using sandpaper on the silicone surface would hekp it ?

The silicone will bond with the new silicone, you just have to make sure that it is clean and dry. (moisture will speed up the setting and you don't want that before it is bonding) Sanding the leather might help though.

I believe that adhesives made for leather are water based and it is flexible when dry. You may have to check leathercraft suppliers.