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How to go to youtube and bypass a zscaler block? Answered

Ok so here are the details, I want to access sites like youtube, and well just youtube and I tried the https protocol and that didn't work and on top of that there's a bug installed within our computer especially designed to keep us away from changing any of the proxy settings in all of these browsers and I only have these 2 browsers: google Chrome and internet explorer. and now i can not send stuff to it via usb and install a vpn they have the usb ports disabled and even if i was to download it i can not run any exe the laptop is running windows 7 pro.     


Search the Q&A section, and find out exactly times we have helped kids get around blocks and filters on school computers.

I'll give you a clue; it's a nice, round number.

take the computor and smash it onto the ground, like to see Zscaler block sites now


1 year ago

This is interesting, So Zscaler acts like a pass/no-pass Gate. If it were a firmware gate that only could be accessed by a dedicated keyboard then it could stop hackers dead. Yes it would force sites to hold all their content rather then pulling this from there and that from elsewhere but NO HACKERS unless they physically take a site.

What say you ?

It's not a bug, it's a feature. If you don't like system protections applied to computers you don't own, then buy your own. Otherwise, man up and pay attention to the actual work you're supposed to be doing on these computers.

Get your own computer and stop messing with property that is not yours ;)

Read up on Zscaler https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zscaler

“The Zscaler service operates by having all of the Internet traffic from its clients sent through Zscaler's network of global data centers.” I highlighted the “all” for clarity. So, even if you were to defeat local controls, Zscaler is still there. Also, attempting to defeat local systems triggers reports and repercussions.

Let me guess this is a school network.

Mmmm Perhaps there is a reason for the block.

Study hard, keep your head down and don't get distracted. In the end it will repay you thousands of time over. Youtube will not give you any thing.

If you don't have a good enough reason to get permission then your probably not doing something you should be.

Sigh. If I had a $ for every student who on getting their results has said "I wish I had worked harder."