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How to graffiti. Answered

Hey, im realli big fan of graffiti, but dont know how to do it? cn som1 please tell me, thnx. the pics below are som rough desgins ive don on paper. I should clarify, i do not plan to damage peoples property, i plan to work on large canvas and put it on my property.


banksy cheats, he uses a lazer cutter for his stecils.

stencil's are cheating anyone can stencil!

um yea.... look at some of his smaller stuff. the bridges are hair thin and straight lines are perfectly straight. in order for him to produce stencils of that detail and "release" them like he did, he would have been working on them for a year straight. and thats very impractical because some of his work was almost a "response" to current events, therefor they could not have been made months in advance.

Bite your tounge until it bleeds! So what if he uses laser cutters, still his designs right? I figure as long as you get what you want, by any means, its still art.

true, but he does some really big ones that clearly aren't stencils, like the one i linked

Wow, full blown debates on ma page loL! and firstly, being only 15, i've stalled graffiti till im old enough and have the money. Secondly, the pictures that are up ... suck! they are utter crap and i have loads better, but seeing as i'm not doing it for now, i don't feel the need to put em up! and thirdly, Banksy, whether he uses laser cutters or not, is a genious of public expression, and to be honest, deserves a knighthood more than alot of people who actually get em! so really, whether he uses stencils, free from, or even steals them for all i care, he is still undeliably one of the greatest urban artists of our time, just to settle that 1 :)!

I'll second the that motion. Banksy inspired me to pick up the can, to bad I don't have steady hands, but stencils are more speed (and look better in my opinion)and I hope to come up with some sick ones.

not to totally destory you. but those drawings sucked. i take all my influence from music. you should listen to almost all music and see what lryics stick out to you. run out to the city and look at stuff. try to take what you want and put in a notebook {black book}

well grew up in cali and was raised aroung it and it like i have tone of great ideas but it always come out wrong . its it just me

At least he gives some advice though instead of just saying that they suck.

hey every one well im new to this and need advice i have been doing art all my life and i want to lean how to do graffiti so if anyone has any can give me ny advice im all ears. lol

Hi, I'm a big fan of punching people in the nose who mess with my stuff. After all, violence is art just as much as trespass and vandalism, right?

no dumbass, violence is a crime just like trespassing, and vandalism

Which means that you missed my point but got it anyway.

no i understood. i just didnt see the whole violence is an artform thing.

I don't see where destroying someone else's property is art, so what's the difference? Oh, that's right, as an art form you get paid more to bloody noses (football, hockey, rugby, soccer, women's field hockey, boxing...)

?? i plan to work on large canvas and put it on my property. ??

Was added after the original posting : ) And this followed several other tagging related pieces-I got POed and let it out.

Why? I'm the one that was an @$$ : P

Well, I wasn't going to be the one to say that :-) I was just sorry about jumping the gun; after the fact :-)

Graffiti on anything that you don't own or have permission to do it on is vandalism...that wass jtobako's point.

Stick with paper. Your work shows talent. Don't waste it breaking the law and damaging people's property. I have a friend that makes a very good living making vinyl signs with his computer and a plotter/cutter. This allows him to practice his art and everyone is happy with it.

I dont want to be a downer, but your work has a long way to go... my suggestion would be to start looking at more graffiti--what youve shown above shows some elements of graff styles, but has no flow to it, no individual style, and really awful colors.... that said, i can tell youve looked at some graff, there are elements of your work that show that... i refer back to what i said above--look at more graffiti--figure out what you want to write, and why you want to write it--get good at writing ONE thing-then go nuts... artprimo.com is a good source for all manner of supplies, but i would not reccomend using european paint to begin with--itll be a waste of money. use rusto or krylon, get some tips, and avoid glossy colours (they drip badly)... hope this is helpful

they have some near my place of residence:

Here are a few

and we even give classes: Introduction to Mural Painting
Monday through Friday
July 19 - July 23,
Hours: 9 am - 4 pm
10 sessions, 1 elective credit, $385

In this course, you will collaborate with other students to design and execute a large-scale acrylic painting for a specific area within the college's 204 North Prince Street building. Topics to be discussed include: dealing with the public and clients, the concept of durability versus mural art as a temporary commodity, and the implications of a large image in a public place. The range of large painting in the art world is wide - from personal image to commercial mural painting - and Introduction to Mural Painting will help prepare you to tackle any scale project you may encounter.

Mural Painting: Methods & Materials
Monday through Friday,
July 12 - July 16
Hours: 9 am - 4 pm
10 sessions, 1 elective credit, $385

This course will introduce students to methods and materials used in creating interior and exterior murals. Beginning with image development, students will be led step-by-step through the process of producing large-scale paintings. Topics covered in this class include: image development, design, composition, color, perspective, surface assessment and preparation, roughing in the design, corrections, image enlargement, projection, and transferal (grid system). The instructor will also talk about paint, varnishes, uv blocks, proper brushes to use and brush care. The course will culminate with each student designing and producing a mockup of a mural project.


10 years ago

If you get good enough, and have fabric examples or paper examples, some small buisnesses will let you paint on their outside walls, and you can make a little bit of money at it. and jtobako, violence is not the answer, its the solution.

Solutions, like platelets in plasma...

are you the guy whos car was completely covered with tags everyday for a week? what do you have against graffiti writers?

I am required, by law and under threat of fine, to remove all graffiti within 24 hours. Some cheap punk with a spray can is going to cost me $100 to repaint and then come back the next night. What do you have against a broken nose? Isn't that a reasonable price to pay for your 'art'?

I'll make an instructable tonight! Here are some examples of my stuff.

l_19d8445d35fa69f824229d4e5673d65e.pngPicture 41.pngPicture 42.pngPicture 43.png

keep it on plywood, PM for help(i have a bunch of friends "into" graffiti and i know a bit about it) stencilrevolution.com is your best bet for online help nice sketches by the way. and jtobako, that was completely uncalled for.