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How to hack LCD Computer monitor into an OTA-TV receiver and Accept RCA Composite signals? Answered

Hi!We have computer monitors at home which don't have uses anymore,

Is there a way where I can turn those into an LCD tv like just a normal antenna and it will display OTA free tv signals?

Or how can I turn it into a portable LCD Television where it can accept and display composite signals from my iphone 4 using my AV Composite cable (yellow RCA jack)?

What extra things should I buy to convert them into more usable TV?


Assuming the monitor as VGA inputs you need something like this.


If not the converter boxes for HDMI and DVI will run you $100 or more. You will find connectors and cables that look to dirrectly convert but those are made for your video card. You need a full converter box to convert the input signal to DVI or HDMI the monitor needs.

Thanks for the answer, I have another one,

I have an apple 30 pin to composite cable and an RCA(yellow) to vga cable that you mentioned above, and what you said is true, I thought It would work but it didnt

But I found this app called USB Disk Pro



It says that it can video TV/VGA out, does that mean if I download it it can send VGA signal instead of a composite through the cables so that it will display on the Monitor?

will it work?

I will do this

Iphone + Composite cable + RCA(Yellow) to VGA + monitor

If I download the app can I choose for it to video out VGA signal? so that it will work without buying apple's expensive VGA cable and instead just use my already bought cables?

There are iPhone to VGA cables.

The app doesn't do anything to enhance of change the ability of the iPhone to output video. That is a product of the built in hardware. If the hardware isn't there no bit of software can change that.

I see, thanks a lot for answering my question. I did try to download the app from the appstore yesterday but I just gave up since the signal coming from the ipod was still analog. Thanks!