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How to hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass with arduino? Answered

I was wondering how to hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass so that he sings a different song than the ones he comes with. And I want him to have different movements so that he moves to the beat. More specifically, I want him to sing these songs and move like this:


I know how to solder, and I have worked with singing fish before. I know how to switch circuit boards, but I would like to try Arduino.


After five years here is your answer. https://www.instructables.com/id/Animate-a-Billy-Bass-Mouth-With-Any-Audio-Source/





All may help

It has been done with other microprocessors so I guess you should be able to do it with the microprocessor of your choice.

IF your next question is how - I am afraid your on your own there with a steep learning curve if you don't already program in C.

Well, I did manage to find an Mbed Billy Bass source code, now how would I possibly import that into the Arduino program?

This is where the problem lies - However if you are familiar with how to program an Arduino then all, you need to do is draw up a flow chart from the Mbed code and convert to C for the Arduino -

Alternativly you can use the hardware interface information and draw your own flow chart from what you want the fish to do and then code from that.

You don't say if you familiar with Arduino coding or anything similar.