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How to hack a solar electric fence charger to power a 12v water pump? Answered

I have an old solar powered electric fence charger that I'm looking at using to power a 12v water or air pump for my fishpond, how can I hack the charger unit so that it provides constant power instead of intermittent bursts?


Nah. Purchase a proper power supply. If not new, they can also be purchased used from electronic surplus stores to make it a bit more affordable.

If you're in the USA/Canada, www.electronicsurplus.com usually has a good supply of pulls and reasonable prices. There are of course others, and EBay is always an option.

Can you take it apart and photograph the insides?


. Are you sure the solar panels put out enough power to drive your pumps? If so, you may be better off replacing the fence charger with a voltage regulator.