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How to hack into g-mail accounts? Answered

I need to know how to get into g-mail accounts i heard there is a way i just don't know that way please help thanks!


Go into the start menu, click run. Type in "cmd" (without quotes). In the box that comes up, type "format c:" (without quotes) It will then give a warning, ignore this and type "Y" (without quotes) then press enter.
You will now be able to hack g-mail.

As of win 2000 it does-sometimes you disorganize things so badly it's easier to start over ; (

He he he :) :)

Nothing can be crack or hack....Even you can not send spam mails
if your firewall is strong...It is a open challenge..no one can send us single of spam mail..

I don't want to tell you here but I'll hack into yours and leave you a message there.

wait!!! u don't know my account or anything?????
umm... can u just mail it to me?????
please quickly i really need to hack someone's account!!!1

You'll need to make a slight hardware mod first. Power down your computer. Open up your computer's case and find the big circuit board. Somewhere on this board there will be a largish, flat, square component. This is the Gmail Hack Blocking Chip. With a slotted screwdriver, pry this chip off of the board and destroy it. There may also be a largish metallic box with wires coming out of it. This is the GPS device that the government uses to find your location if you are caught hacking gmail. Cut all of the wires flush with the GPS box. After that, you should be able to hack all of the gmail accounts you want. Just log on to gmail and click the ADMIN link which will now be visible to you.

beecum a leet hacker an u 2 can do this.


I've got a friend whose brother says that his wife read somewhere that this guy somewhere had hacked a GMail account.  You could ask him.



If you have a legitimate reason to hack an email account, then you also have access to the expertise because you are a law enforcement officer with a legal warrant.

Otherwise, please do not ask other Instructablers to aid and abet in the commission of crime.

step 1: obtain computer
step 2: go to http://mail.google.com/
step 3: create an account
step 4: ???????
step 5: profit!!!


8 years ago

I love tech questions like this because I can answer them:

@##*^!$$^^^&$@!*&. !!!

PC world or someone like that wrote an article about how a Twitter employee's account was hacked.  Apparently, one of the emails that he used to change the password was deleted, and the hacker remade the account and had the password reset email to him. 

The same thing could fly for Gmail accounts or pretty much any account requiring email confirmation to change passwords.