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How to hide my IP address ? Answered

i tried these apps-- hide my ip,mask my ip but they did not work

whatismyip website shows my real ip address and google too..

How to hide my real ip address ???


All of u guys,I found some free way to hide my IP and i made pretty small instructable for it :-D


oooh it's a browser ha .. i'm downloading it right now thanks..

I've used TOR and also https://proxylion.com/ you can try that one as well. They're both great tools.

Hi! Use browser Tor.

well it depends on a why ?

if hiding from cops I don't think you should get in that situation with very less knowledge

if its a friend or someone smart or websites tracking you try googling "web based proxy"

above of all my favorite is installing proxy server on computer and using net with those PCs as connecting bridge try googling "Remote Administrative Tool virus"' this may be a bit risky you may end up downloading malware so you can try "Make my pc a proxy server" . try to install them in cybercafes, maybe mailing as a virus to people around the glob. with more proxy servers you can change your ip frequently.

While you will be able to mask your IP from the common snooper. Anyone that really wants to try and track you down through your IP can and will do so. using a VPN or multiple VPN only slows an interested party down.

The easiest and best way to hide is go to the mall or some other public space and ride a unsecured server.

I do this all the time it's called hacking.

If someone tracks your IP address they get the unsecured IP address and not yours.