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How to hook up a microphone to sound responsive led circuit? Answered

i want to make a deadmau5 helmet for a friend, and i want the eyes to light up. i have an old circuit saved from speakers like this:


except the speakers light up in response to music. I gutted the speakers a while ago for another project, but the leds from it still light up when plugged into an ipod. I would like to hook up a mic to it so that it will light up to noise instead of having it plug into an ipod, however the mic only has +/- terminals from what i can tell, and the headphone wire-input has 3. Im no EE, is the green one supposed to be the ground, and the red/copper are the +/-? 

here is the mic i am looking at:

here is the circuitboard (i circled the wires in question):


Plug the speaker into an amplifier, plug the amplifier's output into your existing circuit.

could you provide me a link to something? i did a quick search and came up with alot of different results

The headphone wire has three connections because it's stereo -- left, right, and common signal ground. If you're just using a single microphone, use a mono amp and connect both left and right to one side of the speaker out and ground to the other side.

If you're not sure which wire is which: Tip of the headphone plug is left, the ring right behind the tip is right, and the shaft of the plug is common.