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How to hook up some transistors with solar panel to run a motor ? Answered

I've looked on the web quite a bit, and it seems I need some answers from a human being... How can I make a SIMPLE circuit that discharged some capacitors when they reach enough charge to run a motor? I want to make a little solar powered robot that moves around. Like the Bean bot from MAKE.


Take a look at "The Easter Solar Engine" Instructable.

Capacitors are poor storage devices for motors unless they're big or expensive. You want a rechargeable battery instead. L

I got the idea that the robot was using the large capacitor for smoothing, where nepheron wants a charge-run system (I did look at it). What do you think the run time would be out of sunlight?


Its kind of flickery- that's the charm of the things, they buzz around if there's a lot of light, they go quiescent in the dark, and have occasional bursts of activity when they can catch a few rays.