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How to i turn a computer power supply into a iron oxide creator? Answered

Forgive my english.

   I am looking foward to use a  pc power supply to acelerate the process of oxidation.

I want to make thermite for a science project and i want to make iron oxide.

   Can i use the cables (positive and negative) of the pc power supply to make iron oxide?

Thank you


Iron oxide can be produced quite well by letting wet steel or iron sit outside for a while.

But i have heard that the natural process takes days to be completed.
But if i use a power supply to turn the 12 Volt output energy, it could be more efficient.

I looked up on the internet and i found out that the best method for this is to use a 12 volt battery charger.

And i have a few extra pc power supplies.
And i am trying to do this with a pc power supply, and i don't know which one is the positive cable and the negative cable.