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How to impress a guy you like? (asked by a girl) Answered

I never had a boyfriend in my life and I would like some tips about how to make a guy look twice at you! (in other words, how to make him take advantage of you). Any do's and dont's will help! I would like to hear what the guys find most appealing in girls? And I'm not talking about making the guy want a one night stand, I'd like to build a relationship. Tips on a good friendship with a guy will also help.


1.look good - tht doesnt hv to mean putting on a heck load of makeup or killing your hair with heat or products, just be fashionable and confident
2.talk confidentally
3.be kinda cute at times but NOT STUPID and nor overly smart
4. dont show too much skin, be a lady with class and dencency
5. dont show off ur talents or how rich u are or what u hv
6. never whine
7.talking to a guy you like is nerve racking but srsly get the guts - through mutual friends anyway possible talk to him just not online - tht seems stalkerish and weird

idk i hope tht helped, im in a similar position to u except im crushing on a guy who is 20 and im 17 - hes the cutest thing ever - he is mr perfect to me - hes good looking, smart atm hes in uni doing engineering , he has a hot bod aswell! (i hvnt seen it lol :P but hes muscle-yy) and he super funny and makes me laugh and hes caring aswell - im totally in love with him, he doesnt know that yet, but he seems like he would have alot of chics after him and he would hv hgih expectations for himself so im kinda backing away for now and it hurtsssss! but still imagination all the wayy!

Just be yourself my bf likes me just the way i am.So don't put make up or anything!

dont get obsessive with that one guy. trust me, it sucks. and go easy on the makeup. i hate it when girls think guys will like them if they wear tons of makeup. it doesnt work. spend lots of time with them and get to know them first.

Well im a girl, and i have a crush on my best guy friend, and i really want him to like me because it's a HUGE crush. I dont wear any makeup besides mascara and foundation. I have really bright blue eyes that poeple say are amazing and beautiful. But should i wear more like eyeliner and stuff or just keep it natural?

see i really think juzz let it be .. dont wear too much make up.. we girlzz think tht guys like to see girls with lots on make up but thts not true.. they rather prefer a natural face

Agreed with the makeup thing. I had a friend who had so much makeup on it looked like she was a clown. She didn't look very nice.

Like the song says, All you gotta do is... Hug him & Kiss him & Squeeze him & Tease him & Please him & After you do, you will be his! ~Bob~ PS.. You could practice on me :-).

Hmmm, I don't remember adding the part " PS.. You could practice on me :-).". But, I'm just saying that men like romantic women.

So what happens if you are not romantic, You don't trust guys properly because of something a guy did to you and they think you are someone tough and slightly aggressive when you are actually just a shy but very good actress who doesn't show off her skills. Please help!

If you drink some sour milk, then avoid all dairy products... would you not be missing out on some great ice cream? You must evaluate men to weed out the sour ones and then flirt with the sweet ones.
I too am shy. So I talk to women and look for seeds to more conversation in their replies. If someone is interested, they will give information about themselves and ask about you.

Oh. That sounds so simple now I think about it. Thanx ShutterBugger. You've really helped a lot.

  • Ask him to open a tight jar lid, then look impressed.
  • Look him in the eye, smile.
  • Listen to him, pretend interest in what he says, laugh at his jokes.

Heck, simply acknowledging he's alive is usually enough!

wouldnt the jar thing make you look weak and make him dislike him more
ive got a strong reputation

It doesn't make you look weak, it makes him feel strong - that's a subtle difference.

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look all i am saying is that one day, just like what happened to me you will go out with the boy you really like with a different new person to the group and end up with someone better who seems all that you will ever want but, there not sooo...... all i am saying is try and shoot for the moon and you will land in the stars witch one day be your special moon ... some who you didn't expect to be.hope it helps?

I don't know much about guys but I do know this: They like a girl with confidence. I have a best friend that I have a major crush on and when I act confident he notices me. Also start out as friends and slowly build love and trust. Don't let him know you like him right away or he will become cocky. Let me know if this helped at all. Good luck.


7 years ago

i think the most important thing to impress a guy is confidence. Confidence will make him notice. Be yourself & dont follow him..if he's not interested in you just move on.

thank you so much even though not my question this helps.

Laugh at his jokes no matter how lame they are!

Real life: Give the impression that you'll do anything he wants, then stall him. Make sure you keep the guy thinking there's a likelihood of you "putting out" and work him from there. But you'll probably be disappointed, most people are when they are trying to make a guy look twice, e.g. wearing the minimum of tightly-fitting clothing...
You'll be happiest running into someone who likes you anyway, but that can take years, esp. if you're picky about who you like.

Otherwise Kiteman has given you a good answer.


Eh... stalling's terrible... well... for me, if a girl like acts all interested and stops... I just move on... because it's really not that good to obsess over someone who doesn't like you, so I assume she just lost interest...

And I think it depends on how you are with him. If you don't know each other, smile, look, wave...

Mmm - you noticed that I wasn't endorsing that approach? I agree.



8 years ago

show him a hidden talent, like im able to do the worm with my tongue and make my bones separate upwards from my finger, or if not show him a skill. show him your style, easy on make up, we like girls who can look great even without it. ask him what he thinks about your talents and ask him if hes got any, if he does tell him to show you, if he is too shy say come on show me while smiling if tht dosent work say pleaaaasseee, and trust me "pleeease" is a very effective weapon over a guy's confidence. once he does tell him how impressed you are by it. oh and never say "woo look at the time fly! its (enter time here) already!" because he thinks you are trying to get away from him. if you have to go look at your watch and say "oh my god, im late!" if he asks you where to tell him. honesty makes up relationships and if not honest, it would break them. enjoy :)

wat if de guy doesnt like to showcase his talents n besides i am not sure it will work but we will see. re u a male or female?

wat if u try n it doesnt work besides its not all boys dat want to showcase their talents to their friends so just tell me more. re u a male or female?

If you flirt, you will only get jackasses. Alot of girls think there aren't nice guys out there. But there are. We just aren't attracted to girls who wear too much make up, wear provacative clothing, etc. If you want sex, go ahead and do that. If you want a relationship, be friends first. Having a common interest is a big help. In high school, being in band/theatre/debate/culinary club together can start off a friendship and then a relationship. Later in life, doing things together, first as a large group, then a small group of close friends, and then just the two of you, can get the ball rolling. Also, if there is a connection between you two, but you're stuck in the "friend zone", just come out and say it. Too many relationships are ruined before they start because of a lack of communication. Summary: 1- be friends first 2- have a common interest 3-communicate

Just be yourself when he looks at you smile

My best answer... Listen to Lithium Rain.

Be yourself. If he doesn't love you for you, he's not the right person.