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How to increase the size of an ISO image file? Answered

Would someone please tell me how to increase the size of an ISO image file? If such thing can be done!



Best Answer 6 years ago

Partition your hard drive and just dual boot linux.

You can create virtual drives without image files. Or partition your physical drive into multiple logical disks (one drive letter each C: D: E: etc).


Can you clarify what you're trying to achieve? I'm a little confused by your question...

Some programs like QEMU allows running other operating systems on a Windows environment. It allows running PUPPY Linux on Windows for example. If I increase the size of the ISO image file, I might be able to use it as a virtual hard drive.

You can run a virtual machine on your computer but I don't think you're going to get a virtual hard drive out of the ISO file, as I don't believe thats possible. In my case I use Mac OS X, with a virtual machine running Windows that I can toggle between for testing purposes in web development and applications. I have several external drives that I use, but I'm not aware of any scenario that would work the way you proposed.

There is a critical flaw in that theory.
I assume this ISO is written to a DVD or CD because you'll gain nothing if you're running it off your HDD. Lets just say you manage to create this "empty" space in the ISO. Now you want to use it as a hard drive, this means reading and writing. The reading isn't a problem but CD's and DVD's, and their drives, are not designed, or probably even capable, of writing and rewriting data like a HDD.
Even If you could add the space to the ISO you wouldn't be able to use it like you wanted.

Just partition and dual boot. Often you can accsess and move data between partitions. Why do you need a virtual HD? What are you trying to use it for?


6 years ago

ISO creating software limits the size of the files to one that can fit the size limits of a CD or DVD. Many of the ISO creating software packages do have provisions to allow you to create multi-disc iso's by breaking the files into 2 or more parts.

Increase the size of an ISO? Why do you want to increase the size. The whole idea behind an ISO file is that compacts allot of data into a small format.