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How to initiate trouble codes on a '98 Grand Cherokee? Answered

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it has something to do with a certain key sequence like turn ignition forward then back the forward but ill have to look up the exact pattern the guy at advance auto told me and my bro about it on his 95 grand cherokee

clog the egr...that should initiate a trouble code.

pull a critical vacuum line. That also, a t a guess, will initiate a trouble code.

you didn't mean indicate, did you?

I meant how do I start the lights flashing or is that old school? Maybe it's simple read out this century.?

Are you wanting to turn on your emergency flashers? THere should be a switch on or near the steering column that will do that.

Thank you for reply, check engine light came on 5 days ago and last night on the freeway sputtered and died, would not stay running on side of road. Came back to tow it home, started right up & ran fine w/no problems???? Any help would be appreciated thanks, John.

Sadly, I can't givce you first-hand on the Jeep...My experience is from a Chevy S-10 Blazer and a Honda Station wagon, both earlier models... According to the info in that link, you need a special tool.

I'd suggest you check the gas filter.

Might also be in the ignition system...dirty cap?

Also, look for charring/plugging in the EGR valve.

All of these (but mainly the first two) are common sources of that kind of power dropoff problem.

---dirty cap, bad wires, gummed plugs...the works ought to be checked.

"What's wrong with my truck?" followed by what you've just said would be the question to ask. If it's got electronic engine-management take it to a garage. We can guess and suggest things, but I proper diagnostic is probably best. L

I read your question and the responses and I'm sorry but I still don't know what it is that you want to do. Could you restate your question a little more clearly?

Thank you for reply, I can see where there could be confusion. The truck has self diagnostic ability, on my 89 Chevy blazer ll & my 89 jeep comanche you strip a wire at both ends to create a jumper between two port of a multi port socket (i.e. a&b; on the chevy) this in turn starts the check engine light flashing to create the trouble codes. Two flashes followed by a pause then one flash would be a code 21. How do I start this process on my '98 Grand Cherokee?