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How to install LAME MP3 encoder? Answered

Im trying to follow this guide https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-music-sound-scary/

but i cant download the LAME mp3 program. i only got winzip and mingw and nothing more. its confusing. HELP


Yeah, Lame MP3 itself is just a codec. Not an actual program. You unzip it into the plugin folder of whatever audio program your using. From there, your converter program, after a restart, will usually just automatically allow you to select the lame mp3 format. Depends on the converter program.

Have you followed these directions? All you do is download the .dll file and put it in the plugins directory. You can then export all your audio projects as MP3.

Alternatively, export them as Wav and encode them with a different Lame frontend like WinLame. Though this is the long way around.