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How to invert 3vdc to 3vac? Answered

I have some 3vac motors for christmas lights that i want to use to turn small mirrored disco balls. I need to invert 3vdc to 3vac for this operation.  I will be using AA batteries and I can series/paralell the batteries to have enough current to operate. Is there an IC that I could use to do this? I want to do many for a wedding and each set will be located on a table. Superbright LED's  will supply the light source for the mirrored balls.



6 years ago

Still, I would like to see a good pic of that motor.
Did you try to put 3VDC to the motor ?

It probably is a dc motor. 
The only ac motors of the kind described here
are very rare and expensive.


Thanks all for trying to answer. I am now looking for some dc motors. Your ideas were good and the responses were of value. Thanks Again.

AC - what kind of AC?  Waveform? Rectangle, sine, triangle? What frequency?

Are the 3V peak-peak or RMS?

Did you try to just connect the batteries (DC) to the motors?

Well.... yea..sort of.
You will have to generate what is known as a modified sine wave to basically simulate an AC signal. A circuit known as a chopper is quite good at this. Timing is critical in these applications. You may want to get some DC motors instead. I only say this because the batteries will last longer. Converting to AC will create losses.
Otherwise break out your oscilloscope and make an H bridge connected to a 555 for timing and you have a basic inverter.

Nah, these motors are driveable reasonably well with a square wave.

You don't say how much power these little motors need.

Basically, you can just use a 555 timer to drive 4 transistors, wired in a bridge.