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How to jam a wireless camera? Answered

Hello, I am using a wireless camera connected by coaxial cable to my computer but it still is interfering with my internet router as they both work on 2.4 Ghz. Does anybody know how to jam the camera signal? i was thinking of covering the camera antenna with foil.




8 years ago

Thank you guys for trying to help, @ Re-design  I cannot see any switches to change on different channels, @ Andygadget no switch on camera to switch off RF and yes it has wireless and wired optios, same goes to RavingMadStudios, @ lemonie if I disconnect it then It will be of no use, and no manual. You see this camera came with a wireless monitering system which I bought from Ebay. I knew that apparatus that work on 2.4 ghz frequency will interfier with each other but also read somewhere that if it is connected via wire the wire will take over. 

What's the model number?

It`s a Tomson TG585, but don`t worry guys, I called my ISP and we tried to do it by phone but the modem is blocked so I have to take it to them so that they can change the frequenciy. Again thanks

My lynksys router changes the channel in the setup page.  There are no switches.

Most of the cameras  and routers have different channels.  Change one or the other and that should fix your problem.

Are you absolutely certain that there isn't a switch somewhere on the camera to turn off the RF?  Have you read the manual.   It's a very strange design which doesn't allow you to do this.

(I'm assuming that the camera has wireless and wired connection options, like some IP connected webcams.)

I don't follow. The wireless camera is connected with a cable?

Jamming the camera will stop it from working, why not just disconnect it?
(you need these operating on different frequencies - any option in the manuals?)