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How to join 2 steel rods together as an extension? Answered

I want to extend my printers rods by joining 2 together.
Is it possible to connect 2 smooth steel rods together without welding for liner bearings to slide over?
8mm rod diameter
Want to make the rods 650mm


Not really for the reasons Iceng says - However I am assuming here that the rods are not under a lot of stress so possibly if you find a lathe you could drill down each rod 10 or 20 mm and insert a close fitting stud - Epoxy may hold it well enough for your needs.

You need the lathe to keep the holes in line and things need to be tight fitting to maintain what strength there is.

HOWEVER a length of 8mm bright steel or aluminium isn't going to break the bank - i would buy new what I needed.


Yours is the better approach Rick.

This was what I had in mind.

But an 8mm rod diameter is really sooo tiny...


If you had the facilities I guess friction welding is the real answer then turn the join back down to 8 mm.

Take a piece of wood, and drill a hole through it. Ta-daa! You've connected the rods...

What are you going to use it for? How much stress is going to be applied while in use?


1 year ago

Even if you are a master machinist threading one rod into another is foolish.

There would be a weak point at the most stressed center of joined rods...

Steel rods are made by the millions, go buy what you need...