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How to keep birds from hitting the windows (and dying) I've hung silver ribbon and it works, but is inelegant....ideas? Answered


Preferably, silhouettes of birds of prey -- hawks, typically -- so other birds are scared off.

 How about silhouettes of spider webs?  I've seen those made commercially and printed onto cling-film.  Does anyone know if they actually work?

Be careful, though, as too-large silhouettes will put birds off visiting your garden altogether.

Could you think of something decorative to put either on the windows or in front of?

Maybe use some acrylic paint to give them a "leaded-glass" look. I am open to the very real possibility that this may be completely out of character with your property, but it's an idea.


 All ideas are welcome!

 IF I had curtains, i believe the glass would be even more reflective of the outside world in the eyes of the birds.  But I don't have curtains so....

This is not an ANSWER to your question... but a comment.  When I was a small boy, i had an old country grandmaw that said, "When a picture falls off of a wall by itself... or if a BIRD hits a window and DIES... it is a sign that someone has died or is going to die."  I thought my grandmaw was silly. But now that i have lived 55 years... i have see this happen TWICE in my life.  Once happened a bird slammed into the windshield of our car hitting the passenger side where my wife was sitting. Windshield didnt break, but the bird was dead.  We were driving through the state of Louisiana on vacation. (we are from st louis,mo).   I told her what it was a sign of ... but she didn't believe it.  The next morning when she called home to talk to her father, she was told that one of her UNCLES had just died the day before...  and he lived in the state of LOUISIANA!! .  Same thing happened when my father died... bird hitting the windshield of my brothers car the day after dad died.   The "picture falling" thing i have never observed though.   I think it is Gods way of letting us know this life is more than what we can touch and see. And an encouragement to us that there is an afterlife prepared for us and loved-ones who have passed on. The native American indians also were more aware of these things also -- if you read some of their stories. Our culture is mostly un-aware to see these kinds of things that indians took for granted.

 Interesting comment....though thankfully in my case, the numbers of birds hitting the window and dying has not cooresponded with any family or friends passing on...just the birds.  

Tightly stretch net across the windows far enough away that the birds will be stopped instead of hitting the glass.  You can get netting that is almost invisible.  They will still hit it and once in a while some will get caught but you just release them in the morning.  You'll save most of them.

Otherwise you have to put something on the window that they can see and avoid the glass.  Some of them will hit the glass anyway.

Birds must be removed from nets as soon as possible - panic and fear will kill a bird left in a net overnight, if the predators don't get them first.

 Yes, as I replied above, my cats would be thrilled.  Certainly not my intention!

Thanks for the idea, but I wasn't detailed enough in describing this issue....

The house is a modern design with very large windows - stretching net would be challenging, plus I have a couple of cats who would tear the net down to get at the trapped birds.  (I don't want to make it any easier for the cats to catch them!)

I think the birds hitting the glass is due to the windows 'mirroring' the image of a huge tree directly opposite.  They fly from the tree into the windows.  The silver ribbon that I've strung up at approx 6" intervals moves in the breeze and has been effective in alerting the birds, but it's messy looking.  

Also, I'm about to install railings and have shied away from glass because of the same issue though it would be my preferred choice if I can figure out how to preserve the birds.


8 years ago

Kiteman probably has the best idea. Another solution is to install screens over the windows. that would work.