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How to keep door ajar for winter. Cat keeps opening it. Answered

Winter is approaching in Australia. I work in my home office and my computers and sometimes heater [or bread machine :)] keep the office warm. My cat likes to visit for a scratch several times a day. For this, the door must be openable otherwise i have to let the cat in and out.

I have been keeping the door nearly closed which keeps the warmth in. However, my cat arrives and virtually bashes it open. The heat in the room is sucked out within minutes if I am distracted by work enough to not close the door ajar on entry or exit of cat.

How can I add an upgrade to the door which will keep it closed-ajar if a cat or human uses the door.

I would like to solution that can be disabled as in summer I would like the door to be open (which is working and does not need a solution to keep it open).

The door is on equal balance (if that makes sense) and I would not like to modify the door hinges.

(I had attached an image but must not have enough trust with this site for it to display). The door is a colonial door if you see pictures on google images.


Fix a small pulley to the door frame, then run a cord from the top corner of the door, through the pulley, then hang a weight from it.

Get the size of the weight right, it will pull the door shut, but not so hard that the cat can't push the door open.

How about a cat flap?

@verence, thanks, but a little too destructive.