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How do you keep fish alive Answered

I am going on a long vacation and have a gel food that will last for only fourteen days, but I can not find a to extend it for a longer time and keep them alive for at least one week more. They are two minnows about 1 inch long. What do I do?


You can buy a container that can sit in your tank into which you put live food (tiny worms) and you also put the means for the worms to survive and multiply within that container. The mesh surrounding the container allows the worms to come and go but the minnows are too big to enter.

There are timer pet food dishes where there are several compartments and each part is opened at specific intervals. Velcro this upside down on the inside of the tank hood with dry fish food.

You also need to think of the fact that the water will also need changing before the nitrate/nitrite (? sorry, I forget which is which) levels kills them. Basically, the fish poo will accumulate and kill them. The timing depends on the amount of water, fish, poo and stale food that is swimming around your tank, so the best answer is Orks and get a mate to do the whole job lot. If you don't want people in your home, put your fish in a small container and empty your tank and take it to your mates house. Don't move a tank full of water as you will likely break the glass seals and it will leak.

Enjoy your holiday ;-)

Normally, people get someone else to look after the fish on long vacations.
It doesn't always keep 'em alive though....


I vote Lemonie to be the best guy for this job.... ;-)


7 years ago

In the movies the guy just put his fish in a bottle and hung it around his neck and so took the fish with him. And we all know that Hollywood is always correct in things like that.

I would have to put my fish in quarantine at that airport and wait 3 months till I get it and have to pay for them to take care of my pets. On top of that I am not going to be there for that long and I can not take it out when it is half in quarantine, so I will have to leave it there. That happened to someone I know. That person was eating an apple and they said they had to put it under quarantine. A HALF EATEN APPLE. That person just said to throw it away.

In case your wondering it's called "What about Bob"

Logically - You can supply a timed food dispenser

Get someone else to do it.

Give them to friend/relation for the duration

Leave them well fed and hope then buy new fish.

Arrange for a friend to come in and feed your fish.