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How to keep your skin oil free? Answered

How to keep your skin oil free. I dont know really how to keep it clean



Skin without oil is unhealthy.

If you determinedly remove the oil from your skin, you will develop dermatitis.

If you're bothered by greasy skin, just make sure you wash regularly, using the commercially-available cleaning products of your choice.

+1, the oil on your skin keeps it and you healthy. If you're having issues with extreme oiliness go talk to a dermatologist, they will know better then us schmucks on the internet.

Your diet can have an impact of your skin. So try to cut out greasy and oily foods.

Diet has nothing to do with oily skin. Skin type is hereditary.

Yes it is hereditary but your diet can make it worst.

There is nothing you can do to stop your skin from producing oil. Producing oil is the natural way to keep your skin moist and protected from exposure to the environment. The only thing that you can do is gently wash your face twice a day with a gentle soap. Dry skin is not healthy. Even people with dry skin produce some amount of oil. Check this site for more information about oily skin.

Try this https://www.instructables.com/id/Wash-Your-Face-With-Oil/ out!

It is said to balance skin's natural oil production. I can't give you a personal "proved" note for your issue, because I have more dry skin, you have to check yourself. When I finish cleaning off the oil with towel and few splashes of cool water then there is really no oil left on my face. So the assumption that it makes face more oily is totally wrong. It actually cleans just very well and probably not so chemically harshly as usual cleaning agents do. Just find an oil that has smell that you like and give it a try.

Part of the old Roman bathing ritual was to rub oil into the skin and then scrape it off.

You can't, just wash one or twice a day.



6 years ago

Every follicle and pore on your body oozes oil but you need it.
Should you succeed in dispersing oil completely you would destroy
the largest organ you have.... Skin...

All that is left to do is wipe off access to avoid unpleasant bacteria
from smelling up the place.
Please don't use perfumed products to cover up. it's a real turn-off.