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How to lacquer or varnish a stone? Answered

I want to lacquer or varnish a stone - it's just granite or similar, not polished, and the intention is to provide protection from staining as it's going to be used as a paperweight

What product or type of lacquer / varnish / whatever what should I use please? I'm in the UK so it would help if anyone knows the trade names of products available here. Thanks.



I guess the reference to staining might also mean the decorative stone becoming marked in some way (by spilling something on it for example). If this is the case it might be a good idea to try out potential coatings on some spare pieces of stone and leave them for some time. Flaking/yellowing coatings could look as bad as stains, but it might take some time or "weathering" to see if this is going to happen.

You might want to first try just leaving the stone on paper for a while to see if it *will* stain anything. Most rock is pretty inert...

I was going to say the same.  As long as it's clean and dry, it'll probably do less damage to your papers than something that has been varnished!

Clean it well and dry it very well.

The cover it with varnish, or clear lacquer, or clear urethane.  If you like you can ever spray it on.

If you like you can practice on another rock first just to get the hang of it.