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How to learn about building things Answered

I was'nt raised with much mechanical building knowledge, can anyone suggest a book that will teach about some of the things used on Instructables? Things like LED's,servo's,woodworking,materials,etc... so that i can understand how to make my own homemade creations and try some others, there must be something out there. thanks :)


Others here have a better background in electronics and can tell you about that, but a lot of general "building" skills comes from experience. You can read up on things but there is no better way than to actually do things. If you have a hobby or an interest, you usually try to make that more enjoyable by making something to improve it or add to the experience. It's always best to ask questions, and tag along with someone to see what they are doing. For example, if you have something in the house that breaks, you can attempt to fix it yourself. You have to figure out what tools are needed, get supplies, and attempt the repair. You will gain confidence and will try something more difficult in the future. I will bet your tool collection will grow because there is something out there that will make the job go easier. If you can't afford a tool, you learn to improvise. If you read, you may want to build a bookshelf. That involves thinking about designs, materials, how to attach it to the wall, how to keep the weight from making it rip out of the wall, how to measure and cut, etc... You can start out with wood, maybe weld steel later or even figure out that box cardboard can be used. My only suggestion is browse through books, magazines, look on the internet, wander through home centers/building supplys to see what is available - pick up and touch everything, get a hobby, and really just start making something. Good luck.

Or: Try stuff, then come and ask for help when you're stuck.


9 years ago

Ok ok, the people have spoken :) Thanks everyone...that How to use LED's looks especially tasty, as for the building, let the tinkering begin :D thanks again guys

there's no book that would teach you ALL the skills of building electronics


9 years ago

The best way to learn electronics is just by doing. Try some projects out!

I got started on electronics with this kit. Using the instructions provided with it I learned how to solder.

Then I tried making little stuff on my own, just little things like LEDs with switches. See here.

I did little projects on my own to learn how to use each type of component, and bigger projects from kits to work on soldering. Taking stuff apart is also a great way to learn how things work.

Each instructable should have adequate information on how to do each project, and so if it happens to be electronics, and what you need to know is how to solder, well, we have an instructable on that too. :-)

What you are asking for would be a very VERY big book :-)

there is no book you should go to the journey of tinkering with stuff yourself or with friends (preferred)