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How to learn to drive a car with a mph speedo when all the speeds are kph? Answered

  I'm learning to drive in a Morris Mini but the speedo is in mph, when all the speed signs are in kph. Is there an easy conversion I can learn or should I just learn the local speeds in mph


I'd go with "just learn the necessary conversions." 100 kilometers is a touch over 62 miles; if you want to be extra safe and make the math easier, call it 10 kliks to 6 miles. So 30 kph is about 18 mph, 40 is 24, 50 is 30, etc.

The problem with the sharpie idea is that it won't really be visible when driving at night.

1.6.  Read it.  Learn it.  Live it.

The rough conversion is kph, divided by 8, times 5 = mph.<br /><br />That's a bit too much to do on the fly, so you are probably better off making a paper template to place over your existing dial - do the maths to work out where the different kph marks should be, then cut a big paper <strong>O</strong> that will cover the mph marks, but let you see the needle through the middle.<br />

Well 80 Kmh is 50 Mph.

I'd mark key speeds in kmh on the gauge with a sharpie - small road limit, highway limit. In the UK ,  30, 40, 50,60 and 70 mph are the key speeds.

I reccomend Sharpieing in the kph speed over the top or slightly to the side, there's an easy table here <a href="http://www.teaching-english-in-japan.net/conversion/kilometers">www.teaching-english-in-japan.net/conversion/kilometers</a>.<br />