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How to link school computers. Answered

I want to be able to link up school computers, and send messages, like in winpopup, and send files, anonymously. I don't know it the computers are networked, can anyone helpe?


find out the i.d. number of the computer you want to message, and make a fairly advanced "ping" script, pinging the message to the other pc.

Most school computers are networked together, but 'sending messages' to another computer might be difficult.
Most schools with a network have some sort of Geek/Tech savvy teacher behind the scenes. these people most likely have set up a block for the network for non-admin users (a.k.a:Command Prompt, Internet, Program installation, Proxys, ect.)
There are ways around these. i.e. a custom/portable CMD might be able to get around a CMD block; with my school, it was a custom cmd.
Good Luck!

Lots of people would like to do this, but it's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to. Schools block this type of thing. L

It's called social engineering. You start by asking your teachers what they know about the computers at school. Good luck.

Doubt that will work, and none of the teachers in our small school would know what to do.

1. Know your hardware. Look at the back of the computer and see if there is a network cable attached or if there is some sort of antennae sticking out of the case. Trace or follow the cables coming out of the computer and see if they do not connect to a powerstrip/monitor/printer. If they go into another box or the wall, you might be in luck. See if there are any blinking lights on the back of the computer.

2. If using windows, get to a command prompt and type in ipconfig /all.

3. Figure out what the info that displays on the screen mean.