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How to machine an o-ring gland in the corner? Answered

There is a gland in the corner on the right picture (piston o-ring gland, static work). What are disadvantages compared to design on the left? Do I have to machine a rounding in that specific case, when groove is situated next to the wall (marked with red circle) to avoid extrusion? Do I need to machine a clearance above this rounding?

Blue arrow simulates constant pressure of 1 MPa (150 psi) only from one side.


THAT O ring ain't ever going to extrude from the groove you've shown. Do you have proper design refs for O ring seals in static cases ?

How is the compression on the seal being applied, in both cases ?

That is only an example picture. I do have a table of sizes for o-ring gland in case of desing on the left. The most important question:

Do I need to machine a clearance above this rounding marked with red circle?

Like I said, how is the compression being applied ? The LEFT design is stronger, if the load is applied at the centre, the right design is stronger if the load is applied over the O ring.

Why SHOULD you need a clearance over the fillet ? Answer: you don't.



6 years ago

Which way is pressure applied ?
What is the arrow signify ?


Constant compressed air pressure of 150 psi (blue arrow).