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How to made PS/2 to USB adapter Answered

HI Everyone, can you give some advice of this ??.Coz I tried made not success,seem not simple or just direct cable to each other .. Thanks


Stop everyone where you are right now! A ps/2 to usb adapter will only work for mice/keyboards that support it and usually come with a adapter anyways. Anyways, did you try google. And on the subject, how would I go around making a usb to parellel adapter for my mac? I'm guessing it would involve a pic not just wireing the two together so in that case I might as well just buy one for $15? But if not, I got a spare port that can be sacrificed.

There are two types of PS/2 to USB adapters. One type does nothing more that pass the 4 pins of the PS/2 to a USB/B male connector. This type only works with USB/PS2 Keyboards or USB/PS2 mice that have the intelligent chip that will automatically switch modes. These devices will always include the adapter in the package. The other type will have 2 PS/2 ports and will allow using old PS/2 keyboards/mice to work on a USB only system.

well would use the old trial and eror method. Take apart a ps/2 connector then a male USB and match up the pis and see what happens i have no clue what pins go to what. hope i helped

well i always thot it wasnt possible or efficiant cuz they were two different sppeds. USB being fatser then ps/2 But then again i could be wayyyyy of.

I agree with U ...USB more fast than ps/2 but I need for some hardware..than I buy it.If we can made it I think will more cheap..