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How to make 1:1 transformer? Answered

Hello , i want to make a 1:1 transformer for audio (guitar pedal to power amp input).Can i use this size of transformer ? and i want to re-wire it with the type of wire in the image , how many rounds the transformer need?
Thanks in advance !
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Best Answer 6 years ago

It might help to know why do you want to isolate your guitar pickup from the amp.

Also, if you need a "direct box," why do you want a 1:1 impedance ratio? Once you've gone to all the trouble of creating the box, why not use a lower output impedance like most commercial direct boxes? But that ratio is available if you want it... For accurate audio reproduction, I certainly wouldn't try to build one myself.

Anyways, search for "direct box schematic". Here's one simple schematic (commercial product, but includes the schematic at the bottom, PDF).

To find the transformer itself, search for "impedance matching transformer"--Edcor for instance has such a product line , including 1:1 ratio.

Thanks for your help !
I just find out another way to do my work without the isolated transformer , so i dont need to make it any more .

sorry can i ask what's your new way

What is it for there may be batter ways?

Can't you buy the thing you need

in essence the same number or turns on the prim and secondary BUT you need to consider the current the wire will carry - This affects the gauge used, and the impedance (resistance to AC) of the transformer if in an audio cct.