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How to make 4 square court? Answered

I am planning on building a 4 square court for my camp as a service project. I plan on it being 12 feet by 12 feet and 4 inches deep (if that is sufficient) , Built on top of 3 inches of pebbles and in cased in a 2 by 4 frame. If you are unfamiliar with the game it is sometimes called hand ball (WIkipedia page)
my questions are..
Do I need to use rebar?
Are my depths sufficient for the size?
What type of pebble am I suppose to use?
Would it be stronger of i built it with 2 by 4 running across where the lines would be for a 4 square court (center of each side to the center) ?
Would a 4 person team using shovels, wheelbarrows and brooms be enough for the job?
And any other advice?


You need to lay a foundation of hard core - perhaps mixed stone 50 mm in size down to sand. Make it level.

Over this lay at least 3 inches of tarmac (take advice from a supplier) Roll flat

You shouldn't need any reinforcement for normal foot use.

Yes you can do it by hand - Hiring a roller will help get the tarmac flat and even - to realistically get the job done in a reasonable time scale you will need mechanical help.

This from someone who has (helped) lay a 50 yard by 15 yard ca rpark over the passed week.

I believe that tarmac is also known as asphalt so he might know it as that. The only time you would need rebar is if you were using cement.

I used to play this as a kid so just to add my 2 cents you probably should have a skirt around it. Buy that I mean that you need to not have an abrupt edge that just drops off to the ground. Many players play outside the box in order to hit balls that are close to the line. If you have an abrupt edge you will end up with twisted ankles as a result of stepping hard on the edge and having your foot give way.

Yes I understand, The top of the slab was going to be level with the surrounding ground to avoid this, by digging a hole for it.
To my knowledge asphalt/tarmac is something you usually need a unprofessional for. correct me if im wrong

sorry, what exactly do you mean by tarmac?
Thanks for the information tho.
What time scale do you think i would take 4 16yearolds and 1 experienced adult to d by hand? we plan to do the whole project on donations.

Same stuff they put on the roads. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarmac