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How to make 550 paracord bead for pacing counter? Answered

I'd like to know how to make a knot, that works as bead, which then can be put on a piece of paracord and works as pacing bead. Saw this great idea on eBay 


That's my one of a kind item there on Ebay! I pride myself on unique high quality creations. You are correct, each bead is a turks head using cord w/ innter strands removed. I've also done sets w/ the cords inside, making a larger bead suitable for winter gloves. The key is in the craftsmanship, getting it tight, sealing it up properly so it won't unravel yet looks clean. Good luck with your set!

Interesting.  It looks like the inner core is pulled out of the bead.  I hope you find out, I'd like to know also.

Ok, after a bit of luck on research I found out that "beads" are just turk's head knots, can be found on instructables.com and elsewhere. The inner strands of paracord has to be removed, thou. 

Good for you.  I had found what I thought the know was but there was no name for the photo of it.