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How to make DIY device to defeat laser surveillance through a window, if there are many windows in a house? Answered

What is the effective way to protect the conversation in a house which is evasdropped by laser microphone through windows? Please advice how to make DIY device, which is cheap and effective. If, possible please instruct me step by step with pictures included. Thanks


The light from the laser must reflect back correct? All you need to is make your windows non-reflecitive. You could put black paper on the window (outside), you could put dirt on the outside of the window, you could sand blast the glass to make the (now frosted glass) windows non-reflective, or open the window completely! This prevents the signal from getting back to the device. But beware: act quickly because infrared lasers could also listen in as well as normal VISIBLE laser beams.

Hot-glue a pager-vibrating motor to the glass (leaving the weight free to turn, of course), and run it whenever you are speaking secretly. If you are worried that they could extract a signal from that noise, use three motors, each running on slightly different voltages to swamp the window in chaotic noise.

Play loud music to swamp the signal of your conversation.

why would you want to do that? are you tracked by the CIA/FBI? maybe get two sets of windows, one in front of the other


9 years ago

If I had to pull something out my arse Id say a cluster of LED's of approximately the save wavelength as the laser, so mix some IR and Red, and drive them from some amplified source of white noise, like a detuned radio, you'd probably want quite a lot of light to ensure you were drowning the laser.