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How to make EXACT RECIPE Friendly's peanut butter ice cream sauce? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

500 gals milk
17 gals eggs
2.7 gals vanilla extract
32 lbs sugar
1.2 gal veg oil
2 lbs salt
14 lbs peanut butter

mix and cook in 650 gal. s.steel boiler
cool and freeze in a Vandervoorts 650 gal. ice cream machine.
Dispense into 1 gal. containers.

Serves approximately 2500 people.

Could you convert the recipe down to 12 servings please and use the number of eggs instead of the gallons?

i don't really know much about this stuff, but unless it's a natural and/or organic sauce, you would probably need a few chemicals...

The only way I know of is to buy the company.

[http://www.grouprecipes.com/90223/friendlys-peanut-butter-sauce.html Here] or [http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Peanut-Butter-Ice-Cream-Topping/Detail.aspx Here]
This isnt exact but it is very close

The only way you will get the "exact recipe" is to have a spy inside the Friendly's company -- and even then, the instructions you will get will be for industrial quantities of the stuff, not suitable for making it at home.

Get a jar. Look at the ingredients list. Look at recipes for similar sauces. Experiment. You may wind up with something you like even better.