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How to make Finches - Love Bird Incubator Answered


I have read many blogs on how to build our own small incubator for my finches or hen eggs. The problem is every blog, instructable, guide shows to put 25 watt bulb, but my question is..

Is there any possiblity to put some automatic thermostat which gets on when the temperature is lower then desired  temperature (eg. 102-103 degree fahrenheit) and the thermostat should shut down when the temperature is reached to desired temperature. Using bulb can not be effective in different climat condition and after a long run it becomes very hot inside the incubatore, plus it needs extra attention during the incubation period. I checked on net for this type of automatic thermostate but it is too costly and basically made to control for room temperature.

Any guidance on low cost automatic temperature control where a user can set temperature for low temperature of appx 100-103 degree fahrenheit would be much appreciable.

Thanks in Advance.


I would be reluctant to trust living animals' health to a home-built thermostat. A quick browse on Amazon reveals that you can buy thermostats to control the heat pads used to warm reptile cages - you could try something like that.