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How to make: LED circuit that can be switched on and off sequentially using an input button Answered

Dear Instructables Community,

I am trying to create the following LED circuit for a school project and would be grateful for any help.

I would like to create a circuit containing a grid (see attached image) with 2 rows of LEDs in 3 columns. In this circuit, pressing an input button must move the "LIGHT ON" signal from 1 LED to the very next LED on the circuit in the following manner:

Button click -> RowA column1 "ON" (Rest OFF)- > button click -> RowA column2 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> button click -> RowA column3 "ON" (Rest OFF)-> button click -> rowB column1 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> etc etc eventually leading to RowB Column3 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> button click -> rowA column1 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> etc etc

1) What would be the simplest circuit design for such a circuit?

2) How difficult would it be to add a second input that moves the "light on" down a column? (The circuit would then have 2 inputs: 1 button to move "light on" down a row, and the other input to move "light on" down a column.

Looking forward to your advice!

Thank you :-)



3 years ago

Goes Q2==>Q3==>Q4==>Q5==>Q6==>Q7==>Q1==>Q2= = =

Put the sequential LEDs wherever it suits you.


3 years ago

An arduino and lots of IF-ELSE statements will be the easiest way to do something like that. That would be a good beginners project. Discrete logic can also be used, like a bunch of AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR, and some latches / flip-flops. That would probably be a bit more challenging though, not impossible though.


4 years ago