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How to make LED lights light up with subwoofer? Answered

I have LED lights hooked up to the speaker wire of the subwoofer and they light up with the bass, but only at very high volumes (too loud for comfort level) I want to know if theres a way I could amplify that signal that goes from the subwoofer into the lights so they light up at lower volumes, or is there a better way to make them light up at lower volumes. I also don't really want to buy a music interface, I just want to try to make it work with what I have. any ideas?


The speaker wire to the sub will be very 'low pass' -- and your led circuit is probably looking for higher frequency (mids or highs) -- If they don't have a sensitivity adjustment consider wiring them into a non-subwoofer output and see if that helps.

He's not driving them actively though.

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It could be an led strip that has audio input -- it's not specified.

Agreed, if just leds wired up, get an led driver circuit.

(And thanks, all the best to you and yours as well!)

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