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How to make LED's flash when moved? Answered

I want to create a Sneakoscope ( it's a top that flashes when spun, from Harry Potter). How would I get lights to flash when it's spun?


Hook an led to a battery and a centrifugal switch that closes when the top is spun. It all has to be balanced when spun for it to work.

Or a mercury switch. I've pulled mercury switches out of washing machines. Some times they are used in the doors to shut off the machine when the door is opened.


5 years ago

Where could I buy a centrifugal switch in Canada?

Often called a tilt switch - It is a small tube with contacts at the end and a ball bearing inside - Tilted up slightly the ball falls away from the contacts - When spun the ball is thrown against them to turn it on.

Most electrical suppliers should be able to supply - Illustration is from a UK supplier