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How to make RC Plane on our own? Answered

im intersted in RC plane alot and want to make one of my own. What will the design considerations and all the other related stuff?


charles gray

5 years ago

When you want to build an RC airplane you need all kind of materials. This partial list -- especially the plastic/foam list -- is a confusing array of poly- this and that. This is intended only as an introduction to the many materials that can be used in constructing RC airplane bodies. Some materials are used primarily for the framework, some for coverings.


8 years ago

As someone who flies R/C with 8 years experience, I would suggest you start by purchasing an ARF plane. That's a plan that is almost ready do fly. All you have to do is complete a few items and install the electronics and motor and fly.

If you've never flown R/C then you'll need either a teacher or a good flight simulator.  I've known a lot of people who fly r/c and not one of them that I've know learned without a teacher or a simulator.  And most of them used up two planes learning.

As far as designing and building your own plane without any experience I would give that 0% chance to succeed.  There are just way too many variables and things you need to know for it to work out.  It's no fun spending 100s of hours building a plane and then finding that on the first flight you don't know how to fly it and that even if you did it wouldn't fly anyway.

There are hundreds of websites that cater to R/c Planes and you can learn from them just by googling "rc plane" etc.



Answer 8 years ago

I was going to start getting into R/C plane flying for a while. There is a converted dump next to the marina my boat is at, and I always thought the planes were really cool. So, I got in contact with them and was about ready to buy the plane, but I was discouraged by the price. I was going to try and find a used plane, but by then, summer was almost over, and I wouldn't be able to fly again until next year. My advice is to research during the winter, and buy next summer.

I can almost guerantee you won't be able to build a plane on your own without some experience first.