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How to make a 315mhz RC car receiver and transmitter Answered

Give me Some circuit diagrams to 315mhz RC car receiver and transmitter. 




3 years ago

As Mpilch and Rich both said you are better off to buy, it is impossible for newbie to learn to make a TR (Transmitter Receiver) pair.

If you think making a 315Mc TR is easier then a 27Mc you are in error. It is much much more difficult !

You should join a Hound and Hare group in your city.

Changed your question after my answer, eh? As Rich said, building a transmitter and receiver to match is difficult and costly. Even with known good schematics, if you lay out the board wrong there will be problems. Even with a known good layout the added capacitance built up on the contacts from a basic perf board will affect the system as a whole. Still requiering the test equipment to figure out how far off you are and what changes need to be made to get them matched up.