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How to make a 4 channel audio mixer? Answered

Making a mixer bassed off of AUDIO 8 DJ http://www.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=audio8dj&ftu=bacefa846820ff7 or Nuo 4 http://www.eclerdjdivision.com/productCont.php?ap=2&sub=1&id=3

I more interested in a simple version of the previous mentioned. Heres a simple version http://dpro.mackie.com/mixers/d2pro/
I feel like the simple one would be more doable but if you manage to make the ones i mention first, then thats amazing.



This article explains a simple portable mixer.

This project is really for an electronics buff... and I promise you that the parts cost for quality components is going to be nearly as expensive as a decent factory-made mixer.

Nearly as expensive....probably more. Since manufacturers buy in bulk there is usually a big difference in price, granted you are not paying an engineer to design your circuit I still believe that it will cost more than a decent mixer.

My idea of decent and yours may be different. The mixer I used to use was roughly $15K. I've seen the inside of it and it's parts list would only run me about $600 or so... but I couldn't ever match the build quality or for that matter even come close to understanding it's engineering.

This is a very basic mixer. I have never actually built it, but the schematics look fairly simple.


It is designed for only three microphone inputs, but you can easily add a fourth.

Yes, that is what the second op amp is for. It is the one labeled U2.

Okay thanks. I'll like to construct it but i cant open the page

What causes it not to load? Are you missing a plug in that allows you to view images?

So... phantom power anyone?

Radio Shack sells a 4 channel mixer for $30. While the limitations of inputs and outputs is disappointing, I've used it with adaptors and can say it is worthy of prosumer quality. It doesn't have EQs and such, but you can put that later in line if you already something capable of doing so. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102920

The radio shack one is useless.
I made one similar
except it has the following specs:

2 inputs (add as many as you want)
Volume control per input

Master Left channel volume
Master Right channel volume

2 output switch (again,changeable)

so I have my computer line going into one, from my DJ controller
then I have a mic on the secondary input (modifeid CB PA system)
and then
i have my headphones on one
and the other
I have a splitter, connecting it to two pairs of speakers. one with very good bass, and the other with very good mid and treb :D

Yup. This is actually similar to the one I modified. I pulled out all the RCA jacks and replaced most with 1/4" guitar jacks.