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How to make a 7 segment clock? Answered

hi! i have 6 X 7 segment displays ( i think common annode) hanging around and i was wondering if i could make an clock with hours minutes seconds and an LED or 2 LED's that blinks every second, without an arduino. i do have an arduino for programming but i rather use other parts so that i can use my arduino for other projects. who can help me? Thanks!



Best Answer 3 years ago

These pics should help.

The circuits use common anode 7 seg LED.


What a classic chip. Up there with the 555 and 741.

Do you mabe have more details about the values of the resistors and capasitors from the MM5314N schematics? thats looks pretty much like what i want to build :)

You can search Google for MM5314N schematics as well as i can.

And brown-green-red ==> 1500 ohms

You'll want to use an RTC and then some circuits to drive the displays. A micro controller is your best option though to get the data form the RTC and to drive the displays. There are a great many digital clock projects around you can reference for your build.