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How to make a Cheap HDR Light Probe for Compositing Answered

Wal-Mart has 8 inch Silver Christmas balls for sale right now for about $2.50 Find one with a smooth paint job and relatively few ripples on at least one side. Using masking tape and plastic to mask off half of the ornament, spray paint the other half with auto primer. Mount on a dowel. This is as cheap as it's going to get, so I'd hop on it if I were you!


Nice good job fellow animator I appreciate the effort. Since I couldn't find how to compose hdr images spherically, I finally found it, so I'll share. http://cgnotebook.com/wiki/Create_an_HDRi_Light_Probe

Not exactly. By the way, Here's and updated link as the Make link's no good anymore.

The light probe itself is the hardest thing to find/make cheaply. That link was a DIY tripod mount for the light probe.

I am not sure what you mean by no good anymore. When I click on it, I get the site at MAKE that has the project.