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How to make a Christmas Tree look fuller? Answered

My tree is tall and beautiful, but the branches are fairly spread out. It's a spruce, with short needles.
I am looking for some creative ways to make it appear bushier. Adding real tree boughs isn't an option because I don't want them to dry out. I have a ton of ornaments to go on this baby, and I would love some ideas.



8 years ago

 Reconsider adding real tree boughs even though you are concerned about them drying out. I have had good success taking branches which had to be cut off from the bottom of the tree and putting them in gaps and spaces higher up in the tree.

To do this, shorten the branch to match the length of the other branches at the height where the gap is. Drill a 3/8-inch diameter hole in the trunk around two inches deep at a slight angle to match the other surrounding branches. Shave the bark off the end of the transplanted branch and push it in the hole.

It will look like the other branches and it will not dry out any faster. It works surprisingly well and is not hard to do.


8 years ago

i usually buy wired ribbon and use that for garland you can shape it nicely and there are endless options of color and design

tinsel, plenty of ornaments, those bead thingies that you wind around the tree ?"garlands" maybe?, and tons of lights.

I've found that hanging ornaments well into the interior of the tree with plenty of lights really thickens up an otherwise sparse tree, but the  tinsel and ?garlands? really do help as well.

best wishes