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How to make a DeathEater Mask? Answered

So I'm a crazy HP fanatic ... and I thought it would be hilarious to go to the booklaunch as a Deatheater, seeing as I'm only about five feet tall.

I was just wondering how to make the mask though? It would be amazing if I could get something to eventually end up looking something like this:

I've never made masks before, but I'm thinking my gameplan would be something like this - make a plaster mask, try to over some clay on top so I can add some texture/relief stuff on, paint over with some metallic paint, etc. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it, since I want to be able to wear this after. I'm also not sure what type of clay would go best, or even if clay would stick to plaster. And I'm not even sure how to attach this whole contraption onto my face.

I do want to retain as much of a rigid, somewhat 'metallic' look, if possible.

Suggestions would be much appreciated!


Thanks for your post. I do have little idea about masking but not much. But i have heard my friends that you do use Photoshop for mask photo...You can try this.....

Hopefully it may work for you...

You could use this as a base, post an instructable on how you make it PLEASE!!! this would be so cool

Thank you all so much for the suggestions! The problem I have with cardboard and papermache would be that I'd like this to conform to my face as much as possible. If you check the masks on the page I posted, it really contours over the eyes/lips/nose/cheeks, etc, and I really like that effect. I really don't think I will be able to sculpt a clay model, and use that as a base for anything. I really need something that I can just put on my face, wait for it to dry a bit, then take it off to add details. As well, it would fit my face better! :) aarone thanks also for the link, however I'm not sure if I have the expertise or money to go that far, being a poor college student and all. I do really want to go all out for this costume, since it's the last book and all, but I also need to buy material for the robe as well. I'm looking to spend between $10-$20 on the mask. Any other suggestions?

Simple way-take a long (about 5 foot or so) piece of aluminum foil. Fold it in half, then half again so you have something about the size of a notebook page. Carefully mold it to your face. Pull it off and carefully cover with your favorite surface-smoothing stuff (paper mache, clay, plastic wood, small pieces of masking tape, hot melt glue...). The multiple layers of aluminum should hold the shape of your face fairly well if you are careful, maybe rest it on a small pillow or bag of rice/cereal or whatever to help hold the shape of your face while you work on the front.

I did not even think of aluminum foil - thanks! I might actually go with that idea, I'll let you know how it goes!


11 years ago

Have you checked out this Instructable? It talks about modding a basic plastic mask.

This one tells you how to custom-shape a leather mask.


11 years ago

Making a mask like this is relatively easy, but not necessarily cheap. Here's a process:

1) Sculpt your mask using an oil base clay.

2) Using a compound like MoldBuilder (this is a rubber based compound) make a soft negative of your sculpt.

3) Make a "mothermold" of your soft negative with something hard to support the negative. Plaster or Fiberglass works well.

4) Cast your mold using a hard material such as Fiberglass or a Urethane plastic.

I recommend that you check out this site for some know how:
Costuming How-To

Also, another way you could do it is make your sculpt, cast it in something hard, and use a Vacuum-form machine! There's even an instructable on how to build one!
Hope that helps!

Paper mache over a full face carnival mask. MUCH lighter than trying to make a mask out of plaster and clay!